The Shulammite: Pursuing Intimacy with Christ (A commentary on the Song of Solomon)

The heart of God longs for a people who are willing to forsake all in their pursuit of an intimate relationship with him. The Bible refers to this company of people as the Bride of Christ.

A young woman called the Shulammite is a single representative of this corporate bride. The Song of Solomon portrays her personal journey into increasing depths of love, so the individual believer might understand the interactions and processes involved at the personal level as one progresses in his quest for full spiritual union with Christ.

This book examines the hesitations, fears and spiritual growth of the Shulammite as her beloved beckons her into fruitful fields of service with him. She discovers that love and service are not antithetical but complementary in her quest for union with her beloved.

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The Bible Unveiled

God spent thousands of years preparing the world for the coming of Jesus. Designed as an evangelistic tool, this series of 10 lessons presents Jesus in the context of God’s dealings with man from the beginning of creation. 

It is a great study for someone who is not ready to make a commitment to Christ, but is interested in learning more about God or the Bible.

You can obtain a free printed and bound copy at Christ the King Church.


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