Dreamaker child sponsorship program

Uganda, once known as the pearl of East Africa, is located in the eastern region of the continent of Africa.  Since 1979 it has been struggling to recover from the terrible decimation it suffered during the dictatorship of Idi Amen, who murdered more than 300,000 of his own people. 

The problem of AIDS has ravished the country of Uganda. USAID estimates that there are currently 2.3 million children under the age of 15 in Uganda who have lost their mother, father or both to AIDS. In a nation of 20.8 million persons, orphaned children represent over 10% of the entire population.

In African culture, grandparents and other relatives feel a responsibility to care for orphans within the extended family. However, even when family members are willing, they do not have the money for clothes, education, or even food to care for the children who are then oftentimes left on the streets to care for themselves. In addition, because of the severe poverty in Uganda, even children living with their birth parents sometimes lack the basic necessities of food and clothing.


In the far south-western section of the nation we find the newly formed district of Kanungu, which comprises nine counties and 415 villages, making up a total population of over 200,000 people.

Most of the people’s lifestyle in Kanungu is one of mere existence. Their food consists mostly of roots dug from the ground, bananas, and a non-nutritional filler known as matoki. Consequently, many of them suffer from malnutrition. They live in mud and stick homes with dirt floors infested with parasites. Since they have no bedding, they sleep directly on the dirt, resulting in boils and open sores.

The lack of available education is a major problem in this area. There are a few public schools, but the teaching ratio is approximately eighty students to one teacher. There are no text books and no supplies. Most families cannot afford the required small fee.


Since 2004 we have continued to sponsor over 100 children. The children in the program receive a good education, medical care, two meals a day, shoes, mattresses to protect them from the parasite infestation, and most of all, a new sense of value and hope. Most of our children and their families have found a new life in Jesus.


  • Sponsor a child for $40 per month.

  • Supply bedding so children do not have to sleep on the dirt.

  • Participate in our next ministry trip to Uganda.


To sponsor a child, simply fill out the following form and hit send. Be sure to indicate which child you would like to sponsor.

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Denise Walsh, Director 

Since 1979 Denise has worked with her husband as he has pastored Christ the King Church. She was the principal of the church-based Christian Elementary School during fourteen of those years. In addition to her own ministry travels, Denise has personally taken out over a hundred teams to other nations.