dreamaker Child Sponsorship Program

Many of the children in Uganda are among the world's poorest. Orphaned, malnourished, without adequate medical care, and without access to education, they have little hope of improving their living condition.

For $40 per month you can provide a child the opportunity to learn and grow, becoming a productive member of the community.

Medical Scholarship Fund

Uganda’s medical care is among the poorest in the world, ranking 186 out of 191 nations. Help send Dreamaker graduates to nursing school so they can help meet the healthcare needs of their nation.

Medical Scholarship

Uganda church planting

We are training experienced church workers in evangelism, discipleship, and church planting. They are currently using the EVANDIS curriculum in three areas: Kampala (the capital city), Mbarara, and Kanugu (where we have our Dreamaker children).

India Church Planting

India is a nation of approximately 1 billion people, with less than 2% Christian.

Our training materials have been translated into five Indian languages, and we are currently equipping church planters working in Northeast India.


Other organizations we help support

Mercy Missions International, Dreamaker, and EVANDIS are operations of Christ the King Church. However, we also help support other organizations, such as the following:

  • International House of Prayer, Kansas City

  • Pregnancy Assistance Center North, Conroe and Spring/Woodlands

  • Harvest Time International Ministries, Bill and Gerda Brown

  • Mission Catalyst International, Jim Eby

  • Ralph and Annie Dryden, Thailand