Students are trained how to win friends and family to Jesus. They also learn how to form a small group that can become the beginning of a house church or function as an integral part of a larger congregation. To get in touch with a trainer click below.


This 24-lesson series is an excellent follow-up to EVANDIS. It is a great disciple-making tool, even for those who have never taken EVANDIS.

Topics include: God and His Kingdom, Salvation, Word of God, Repentance, Faith, Baptism, Holy Spirit, Spiritual Gifts, Resurrection of the Dead, Eternal Judgment, The Covenants, Making Disciples, Money Matters, Holiness, Prayer and Fasting, Sexuality, Family Life, The True Church, Church Leadership, Community, The Lord's Supper, and more.

Joshua School

Joshua School of Ministry offers more advanced training in the practical skills of Christian ministry, such as: how to pray, how to exercise the gifts of the Holy Spirit, how to study the Bible, how to identify your spiritual gifts and calling, and more.

Nearly all the courses are ten weeks long. Students are expected to have completed the Foundations course before enrolling in Joshua School classes.