Joshua School of Ministry

God calls believers to change the world and not to be shaped by it. Joshua School is designed to thoroughly ground students in their Christian faith and equip them to be powerful witnesses for Christ in whatever field of service they choose. 

Joshua School emphasizes the practical application of ministry skill whenever possible. The training is geared toward the development of an intimate walk with God, leading to personal and societal transformation.


Bible Survey • Biblical Counseling • Christian Worldview • Devotional Prayer • Discovering the Bible I-IV • Evangelism • Gifts and Ministries • God, Man, and Angels • Healing and Miracles • Intercession • Intimacy with God • Issues of the Heart • On to Maturity • Prophetic Ministry • The Church




I have been encouraged to compare my life and standards to the plumb line of Jesus Christ and have found myself seriously lacking. This revelation has inspired a radical change in my life. I have determined to live like Christ and love like He loves. Joshua School has challenged me to new levels and redefined what a relationship with God is all about.


Joshua School of Ministry has been a life changing experience for me. It has taught me how to love others with Christ's love and how to serve people instead of insisting on being served.

Joseph and Tabitha

Issues of the Heart has changed our lives completely. It brought us close to each other. Evangelism drives us to the streets and houses to be part of other's lives. It is really worth coming from India to learn more and stretch ourselves.


Going to Joshua has brought me closer to the Lord in so many ways. Before, it was a struggle to feel His power in my life. I had to concentrate and spend a lot of time in prayer to feel His presence. Now He walks with me every day. I feel His presence all the time. He never seems to leave me alone. I feel cleaner, stronger in my faith and more aware of how much I need His mercy and grace every day. For the first time in my life I am free from the pride and self-protection that dominated me all my life.